What is a Board Game Reference?

Remember that episode of Friends when they go to the beach house, get drunk, play a Happy Days Trivia Game? Surely you remember that they made it “strip” and only Joey got naked, because of course, right?

Do you know the rules to the Simpson family board game of Scrabbleship? Have an idea about how many different versions of Monopoly we see in Springfield?

Were you paying close attention in West World to see that the first time we see Ford encounter the symbol for the maze, it’s on a table where hosts are playing dominoes. Wonder why they chose dominoes instead of poker?

These are board game references. Anytime board games, card games, role playing games show up in pop culture, it’s usually for an interesting reason. I catalog them on this site and see if I can’t dig into the deeper meaning of their existence.

Board Game References begins in earnest this January. Excited about it? Want to share a board game reference that you know? Submit your favorite board game references here or discuss on our Reddit Forum.