How do you find a Board Game Reference?

Have you seen Pulp Fiction? You know the scene where John Travolta stabs Uma Thurman in the chest with adrenaline because she’s OD’d from accidentally snorting heroine?

Did you pay close attention to that scene? Did you catch what was in the foreground on an end table?

A copy of Operation.

Could’ve been anything, could’ve been Scrabble, could’ve been Guess Who, but clever narratives are built out of little details.

So many Board Game References are a surprise. Not because they are hidden or obscure, but because they’re hiding in plain view. You’re probably already thinking about it, and I can confirm: there was a board Game episode in your Saturday morning cartoons, in your Primetime dramas, and in your 80’s sitcoms.

Not just chess, either, all kinds of board games, everywhere, all the time. I’ve sifted through enough pop culture at this point that I’m more surprised when I find out a series doesn’t have a board game reference (like how those bastards at HBO cut Cyvasse from Game of Thrones, not that I’m bitter).

My initial research into finding board game references was simply being vigilant. I’m excited to say I’ve uncovered hundreds of Board Game References that I’ll be sharing starting this coming January.

Think you have a board game reference I’ve not already found? I’d love to see if you can stump me. Post your favorite shows and movies on our Reddit Forum, I’ll let you know whether or not they have a board game reference in them.