People Playing Board Games: In Cosplay

People play board games, regardless of color, creed, or fandom. Here’s a quick collection of board gamers who don’t let cosplaying keep them from their favorite games.

1. Storm Trooper attempting to bring balance to the force

2. Link and Gannon battling over the Fate of Hyrule

3. I think there might be a cylon in their midst, but you never know for sure

4. A Spartan Considers Conquest Through a Tear in Spacetime

5. When your Cosplay is way more intense than the game your playing


6. Chess does show up in Brave, Not Frozen


7. Every fandom can enjoy a quick game of Werewolf

8. No Game, No Life. words to live by.

9. Dipper staying away from Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons

10. If Repulsa loses GravWell, She’ll have to spend another 10,000 years in a space dumpster

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