Pets Playing Board Games: Cats

Everyone plays board games, and that’s not just limited to humans. Here’s a collection of serious cats playing serious games.

1. A Sad Cat Knows when he’s been Bested

Lookit his fuzzy paws!

2. Salem isn’t Amused by Cheaters, Susie

3. Marco tied for longest route, and it cost him the game

4. We’re saving the realm, Greg. take a hike

Also bring more mountain dew.

5. Lucille purr-ferred Military Sims

Such a pretty kitty!

6. Jasper thinks this game of Mancala is getting out of control

7. You’ve activated Mr. Kitty’s Trap Card

And he’s taking your soul to the shadow realm.

8. Old Fluffy is not amused by your weak play

You require more training.

9. William makes a bold farmer play in Carcassonne

But lookit his widdle tongue sticking out.

10. Tiberious feels confident is his control of North America

Little does he know Louis plans to betray their alliance.

Have your own pictures of cats playing board games? Share them on our Reddit Forum.

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