10 Board Game Recommendations for Marvel Villains

I have always said that there’s a board game for everyone, and that includes Norse gods and living planets. Ready for Infinity War? Let’s talk about what board games you think the mad titan would enjoy.

Thanos – Niagra.

Complete a full set of brightly colored gems to win.

Loki – Diplomacy

A game for duplicitous bastards.

Red Skull – Scythe

When you’re looking for unconventional ways to win a land war in Europe.

Hela – Midgard

Sometimes your warriors are worth more to you dead.

Ego – Terraforming Mars

Gotta plant your weird space moss and get it everywhere.

Ultron – Cards Against Humanity

Perfect if you’re kind of a joke-y monster who sees the absolute worst in humanity.

Ronan – Star Wars: Rebellion

Sometimes you just have your heart set on destroying a planet that has your opponents on it.

Alexander Pierce (Hydra) – The Resistance

The Resistance is pretty much you’re “go-to-game” for infiltrating a group of good guys.

Killmonger – 7 Wonders

A great game if you’re looking to steamroll other nations because you have all the technology.

Iron Monger – Junkart

This game is perfect for people who want to replicate the experience of building something from a BOX OF SCRAPS.

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I couldn’t think of any good recommendations for the Vulture or Yellow Jacket, what would you recommend? Let us know on our Reddit Forum!