People Painting Board Games: Into Fine Art

Board Games have been with us a long time, and artists have worked tirelessly to capture those moments and feelings that games arose in us. Lets look at some examples of board games in Western Artwork.

1. This looks like the climax of a sports anime

Related image

2. Gotta have that third person in chess to criticize your moves

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3. Wait for the Children to leave before the shouting begins

Image result for BAROQUE BOARD GAME

4. TFW The Date is going poorly but now you’re in it just to watch him struggleRelated image5. When he promises you a Fun Night out, and Then Breaks out Backgammon

6. Chess is a lot harder when all the pieces look the same

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7. Your Opponent only has one piece left, Why are you still playing?

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Because they’re drinking absinthe, apparently.

8. Looks like this Clown is about to send your soul to the shadow realm

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Nice try Yugi-boy

9. When He plays solo Board Games, He’s an intellectual, but when I do it its Sad

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10. Can’t we finish one goddamn Turn without the Angel Showing up?

Image result

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