People Playing Board Games: Youtubers

I’m not the only poor fool on the internet obsessed with board games. Youtube is rife with board games and board gamers. Here are some of my favorite youtube vids featuring board games.

Random Encounters – Chess

How many youtubers does it take to beat a monkey at chess?

Geek and Sundry – Werewolf

They really captured the spirit of “Arguing: The Game”

 Key and Peele – Salad Bowl

Know your partner.

Rhett & Link – Most Complicated Board Game

It’s honestly not that hard.

Foil Arms and Hog – An Englishman Plays Risk

Risk has a rich history to pull from.

Alpacalypse Productions Five Stages of Grief – Catan

I know Catan gives me plenty of grief.

Hey Ash Whatcha Playing – Risk

Pretty accurate portrayal of geopolitics these days.

Vin Diesel – D&Diesel


Smosh – If Board Games Were Real

Wait. If they aren’t real now, then what have I been playing?


College Humor Honest Game Night – Funemployed

Watch and fix your game nights, man.

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