People Playing Board Games: On Youtube Again

On Christmas Eve, I bring a wealth of board games presented in awesome youtube videos. Kick back with some hot cocoa and let the youtube videos roll. Happy Holidays.

Geek and Sundry – Dead of Winter

A video to keep you warm atop your pile of junk, canned goods, and fuel.

Comedy Central – Glass Ceiling

Sexism, by Mattel.

Pokemon Rusty – YuGioh

Because of course.

College Humor – Board Game Murder Mystery

I wonder if we’ll ever get Murder on the Ticket to Ride Express.

Japan – Board Game Commercial

Something has been both lost and gained in translation here.

HISHE – Battleship

As far as I know, there are no board games in the Transformers movies, and that’s a damn shame.

Half Day Today – Monopoly

Who’s taking bets on when board game movies becomes a new trend?

Fluffle Puff Tales- Horsopoly

pffftftpfpfffttff *gasp*. When you didn’t know you needed more horse-pun board games.

Rocketjump – Crossfire

They don’t make board game jingles like they used to.

Buzzfeed – Lots of Board Games

Pure joy.

10 Insane Commercials for Board Games.

The 80’s and early 90’s were a weird time for television, and it didn’t help matters that companies like Hasbro, Parker Brothers, and Pressman had money to burn on ridiculous board game commercials. Lets take a look at a few of them, shall we?

Mouse Trap: Good Luck Setting it Up Right

Weird cat mascot tries to get children to play a game.
I bet you forgot about the weird cat mascot.

Life: A Depressing reflection on Reality

Everything about this commercial screams “normal”. Right?

Chutes and Ladders: Nothing you do matters

Splat: Literally Crush your little sister’s Dreams

This child takes no pleasure in it, but the murder must be carried out.

Forbidden Bridge: Weird Architectural decisions

Let’s protect our jewels with a giant stone mech that shakes a pretty rickety bridge?.

Don’t Wake Daddy: You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Woken

Tiptoe to the fridge for a snack? Or tiptoe to escape?

Candyland: A Game Where you don’t need counting or reading

Can I get a fact check on whether or not this is Nancy Wheeler?

Connect 4: Fill it up just for fun

You will never be as happy as these Connect 4 pieces.

Fireball Island: Because the INDIANA Jones License Is Expensive

13 Dead End Drive: Get Really Excited about Murder

Later these children proceeded to murder their parents for the inheritance money.

I also just want to take a quick moment to appreciate the truly horrifying muppets used in the 13 Dead End Drive commercial that they’ve paired with equally horrible puns.

See you “ladder” chef.
It’s Knighty Knight for the Hair Dresser
Lights out for the “boyfriend”.

Did I miss any of your favorite board game commercials? Are you perplexed as to why Crossfire isn’t on this list? Come to our Reddit Forum to get into a fight about whether or not Crossfire counts as a board game.

People Playing Board Games: Youtubers

I’m not the only poor fool on the internet obsessed with board games. Youtube is rife with board games and board gamers. Here are some of my favorite youtube vids featuring board games.

Random Encounters – Chess

How many youtubers does it take to beat a monkey at chess?

Geek and Sundry – Werewolf

They really captured the spirit of “Arguing: The Game”

 Key and Peele – Salad Bowl

Know your partner.

Rhett & Link – Most Complicated Board Game

It’s honestly not that hard.

Foil Arms and Hog – An Englishman Plays Risk

Risk has a rich history to pull from.

Alpacalypse Productions Five Stages of Grief – Catan

I know Catan gives me plenty of grief.

Hey Ash Whatcha Playing – Risk

Pretty accurate portrayal of geopolitics these days.

Vin Diesel – D&Diesel


Smosh – If Board Games Were Real

Wait. If they aren’t real now, then what have I been playing?


College Humor Honest Game Night – Funemployed

Watch and fix your game nights, man.

People Playing Board Games: And Making Webcomics

We certainly see a lot of board games show up in pop culture, but in the world of webcomics there are series totally devoted to them. Below, in no particular order, are some of my favorites.

1.Table Titans

Credit Scott Kurtz at

Table Titans chronicles the adventures of Alan, Andrew, Val, Darby, & Darius (the Table Titans themselves), as they embark on many adventures both at and away from the gaming table.

2. Up to Four Players

Credit Aviv Or & Eran Aviram

A group of friends are playing a tabletop role playing game, with all the cool, sometimes frustrating, sometimes surprising things that happen to you when you’re involved in such an activity.

3. Dork Tower

Credit: John Kovalic at

DORK TOWER is the award-winning fan-favorite comic strip and comic book about five gamers, and the real world. It’s also about the worlds they create, the games they play, the technologies they abuse and misuse and the conventions they road-trip to.

4. Order of the Stick

Credit: Rich Burlew at

Order of the Stick is a webcomic set in a world that follows Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition rules created by Rich Burlew about six adventurers on their journey to slay the lich Xykon and prevent him from taking over or destroying the world through the use of the gates holding back the creature known as the Snarl.

5. NPC

Board game prototypes are tastier than curtains, ask any cat.
Credit: Mary Varn at

NPC Comic is a series about the gaming lives of 30-somethings and their cats. It’s part situational comedy, part geeky goodness, and a lot of bizarre feline fantasy. The comic is now over and ran from Feb 2009 until Sep 2016.

6. Rusty and Co

Credit: Mike at

Rusty & Co. is a webcomic about a party of monsters that band together to prove that they, too, can be fearless heroes. Just like all those elves and humans and other “pretty” races.

7. Semi Coop

Credit: Rachel Kremer & Heinze Havinga at

Semi Co-op is a webcomic mostly about board games started by a couple that became two board game enthousiasts with absolutely no history in comic-making. The definition semi co-op does of course directly reflect to games with a ‘maybe’  coorperative element in them, but it also reflects our relationship in real life – with a wink. With Semi Co-op we like to share our experiences, opinions and hopefully bring a smile on your face or even better: spark your interest in a game that was mentioned.

8. d20 Monkey

Credit: Brian Patterson at

d20Monkey focuses on the lives of gamers and longtime friends, Sam and Brett. Throughout the comics contained within you will experience gamer habits and culture, game sessions based on unlkely holidays, witness fist fights with Santa Claus, and the wrath of a heartbroken DM.

9. Tiny Wooden Pieces

Credit: Colin O’Mahoney & Aileen Cudmore at

Tiny Wooden Pieces is a webcomic about board games and other pop culture fun. But mostly board games. We update every Friday with a comic, and some words from the author and the artist. Tiny Wooden Pieces comes from our love of comics and, of course, board games. We have both always loved comics, and have come to board-gaming more recently.

10. Going OverBoard

Credit: Me at

Going Overboard was my own personal foray into the webcomic space. The site is a bit in shambles and a big chunk of the last comics were a lead in for a kickstarter attempt, but it was very much a learning experience for me. I think there are a few solid comics in there, and I am constantly pestered by ideas for it. Sadly it lays dormant for a long while to come.

Have some of your own favorites that you think I missed? Interested in starting up your own board game webcomic and want advice? Start a discussion on our Reddit Forum.

People Painting Board Games: Into Fine Art

Board Games have been with us a long time, and artists have worked tirelessly to capture those moments and feelings that games arose in us. Lets look at some examples of board games in Western Artwork.

1. This looks like the climax of a sports anime

Related image

2. Gotta have that third person in chess to criticize your moves

Related image

3. Wait for the Children to leave before the shouting begins

Image result for BAROQUE BOARD GAME

4. TFW The Date is going poorly but now you’re in it just to watch him struggleRelated image5. When he promises you a Fun Night out, and Then Breaks out Backgammon

6. Chess is a lot harder when all the pieces look the same

Related image

7. Your Opponent only has one piece left, Why are you still playing?

Related image
Because they’re drinking absinthe, apparently.

8. Looks like this Clown is about to send your soul to the shadow realm

Related image
Nice try Yugi-boy

9. When He plays solo Board Games, He’s an intellectual, but when I do it its Sad

Related image

10. Can’t we finish one goddamn Turn without the Angel Showing up?

Image result

Like the artwork? Tell us about your own favorite pieces of fine board game artwork at our Reddit Forum.

10 Comics for Board Gamers

I’ve scoured the internet for some of the best board game comics. They made me laugh, click each one for the full comic!

1. Board Games are Hard

Credit: Abby Howard @ Junior Scientist Power Hour

2. Party Game Mood? Euro Game Mood?

Credit: Caldwell Tanner @ loldwell

3. Have you any wheat?

Credit: Monica Ray @ Phuzzy Comics

4. Nothing about Fantasy Flight is Casual

Credit: David Vargus & David Yun @ Dave The Direman

5. Last Night on Earth has the best stories

Credit: Emily Chan @

6. Drinking on the Job

Credit: Imaginary Girl @ Real Life Fiction

7. Elegant Weapons for a more civilized age

Credit: Ninni Landon @

8. Marketing Potential

Credit: Andy Kluthe @ Nerd Rage

9. Don’t Piss off the DM

Credit: Daniel @

10. Sounds about right

Credit: Ice Cream Sandwich Guy @ Ice Cream Sandwich Comics

Enjoy these comics? Make sure to find and follow the creators. Want to talk about other comics you like? Join us on our Reddit Forum.