10 Times Board Games Got Into Your Favorite Cartoons

Cartoons have their own rules, their own systems, their own physics. It takes skilled writers and artists to produce animation that we can relate to. Sometimes our favorite cartoon characters sit down to a board game, and we realize they aren’t so different from you or I. Take a look at 10 examples of board games in your favorite cartoons.

1. Hey Arnold – Chinese Checkers – S2E37A


Hey Arnold is equal parts touching and goofy, a formula that created some fantastic moments. When Arnold’s grandpa, “Steely Phil”, was young, he was so wrapped up in winning the City Master’s Tournament that he overlooked a move that would have let him stalemate. Missing that move cost him his dream. A dream of being a Chinese Checkers Grandmaster. Continue reading “10 Times Board Games Got Into Your Favorite Cartoons”