People Playing Board Games: to the EXTREME

Board games are pretty exciting, but these folks have decided that they need a little extra adrenaline while gaming.

1. Sky Divers Playing Scrabble

SPLAT with a triple word score is 21 points.

2. Playing Chess on Everest

Image result for chess on everest
I can’t imagine being so chill in view of the summit.

3. Jenga on a RollerCoaster

4. Chess Boxing

Bishop to E7 and right hook to your chin.

5. Chess pavillion on Mount Huashan

6. Chess Underwater

7. Scrabble with Lions

I know Zebra is worth 16 points, but maybe don’t play it now?

8. Chess with Fire

9. Dominoes with a Gator

 10. Chess in Space!

Either this dude’s not really feeling it, or he’s losing.

Have an exciting board game story? Think you have space chess beat in terms of excitement? Share your tale on our Reddit Forum.

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